Rooster in the Snow

Fushimi Dolls


“Fushimi figurines” (Fushimi ningyō) were sold as souvenirs at the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto. Painted with clay-based pigments (doro enogu) and a white pigment made from seashells (gofun), they have an artless appeal. Jakuchū created many paintings of these figurines as well as those of roosters and hens while living in front of Seikihō-ji Temple in the Fukakusa area of Kyoto during his later years.The subject of this painting is Hotei, one of the Seven Gods of Good Fortune. His face, which is painted red with a pigment made from the mineral lepidolite, is defined with extremely thin lines and shows an innocent smile. A warm, cheerful atmosphere reminiscent of a child’s picture permeates this painting, putting the viewer at ease.

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