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Snake-gourds and Insects

Ito Jakuchu
Snake-gourds and Insects

The year 2016 marks the 300th year since Ito Jakuchu’s birth. Jakuchu’s creative view of the world left him with the legacy of being a “Whimsical Artist”, and he still garners support from wide range of age groups. He is perhaps one of the most famed artists representing Japan.

His work often takes in the traditional elements of Kyoto, where he spent all of his life in. The traditions that were taken in are still present in modern day Kyoto, but its ties with the local community and its effects go unnoticed even amongst his closest fans today.

About the Project

In order to bring light to the lesser known backgrounds of Jakuchu’s work and to bring awareness of how closely it is related to the Kyoto community’s rich culture, we propose the start of a museum that remits these information and contents for the purpose of community restoration.

Additionally, in order to bring more opportunities to learn and to appreciate the Japanese cultures globally, we propose to bring Jakuchu’s work and Japanese cultural displays to the United Kingdom, a nation Japan has maintained relations with for the 400th year this year. Using the help of the local organization, we hope to make the United Kingdom another launch site for spreading awareness of Jakuchu’s work and Japan culture.

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Kyoto Art and Culture Project
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Hosomi Museum
Kyoto City Board of Education
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